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Today is a Palindrome

January 2, 2010 is a palindrome, at least in countries that write the date in the mm/dd/yyyy form. Personally, I’ve been writing the date without initial zeros, like 12-3-9, but that’s just me. Who notices such things? Professor Aziz Inan of the University of Portland, who teaches electrical engineering but loves math puzzles.

A native of Istanbul, Inan creates math puzzles in his spare time. So it was a big day when he looked closely at his own name and saw a pattern. His first and last names are both vowel-consonant-vowel-same consonant — and, if you write the names in all caps, switch the vowels and turn one set of consonants 90 degrees, both names are the same.

“I jumped in my chair,” he said of the day two years ago when the connection hit him. “My parents had no idea.”

The next palindromic date will be November 2, 2011. Link -via J-Walk Blog

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January 2nd, 2010

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