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Tinkle Cards for School

Castle Vale Performing Arts College is a public high school in Birmingham, England. This year, students will be issued a “tinkle card” once a week to use as a bathroom pass. They have to surrender the card when used, and unused cards are collected on Friday and re-issued on Monday.

Pupils were also allegedly told their bags would be searched to ensure their mobile phones are switched off and that they have the required number of pens and pencils.

But the change which has outraged parents the most is issuing every pupil with a “tinkle card”. It states: “I am missing a super important learning opportunity because I need a tinkle.”

Another card given to pupils explains how they will have to “track” the teacher rather than talk to them, through a series of hand gestures which have specific meanings.

The new rules were announced after parents protested outside the school after children were sent home for breaching a new uniform dress code. Parents are again furious about the new rules. Link -via Arbroath

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September 10th, 2012

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