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These Retro Cosplay Pics Are Gnarly To The Max

Back in the good old days of convention cosplay, before the overuse of silicone and foam latex made for fierce competition and bare skin became an acceptable substitute for creativity, people had simpler tastes in costuming, and anime had yet to become the darling of the convention floors.

Now, that’s not to say that these costumes aren’t cool (for the most part, anyway) and well made, but the incredible production quality of modern costumes would date the cosplayers in this gallery, even if the quality of the photographs hadn’t already made it obvious that they’re from long ago.

The photos in this gallery come to you courtesy of the Los Angeles Science Fantasy Society from the Westercon convention of 1980, and they are full of warmth and charm, cosplay enthusiasts who aren’t used to posing for hundreds of pictures, and only one scantily clad supergal. *gasp*


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January 8th, 2012

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