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There’s a Bank Robber in One of 19 Cars in the Intersection: What Would You Do?

a bank robber in one of 19 cars at an intersection in Aurora, Colorado.
Problem was, the police didn’t know exactly which car. So they did something
a bit unusual:

Police said they had received what they called a “reliable”
tip that the culprit in an armed robbery at a Wells Fargo bank committed
earlier was stopped at the red light.

“We didn’t have a description, didn’t know race
or gender or anything, so a split-second decision was made to stop all
the cars at that intersection, and search for the armed robber,”
Aurora police Officer Frank Fania told ABC News.

Officers barricaded the area, halting 19 cars. [...] From there,
the police went from car to car, removing the passengers and handcuffing
the adults.

“Most of the adults were handcuffed, then were told what
was going on and were asked for permission to search the car,”
Fania said. “They all granted permission, and once nothing was
found in their cars, they were un-handcuffed.”

Even though the police did catch the bank robber, people are now asking
whether handcuffing everyone on the spot was a breach of civil rights.

What do you think? Did the police do the right thing? Was it a case of
guilty until proven innocent? Or was it a lawful investigative detention?

Erin McLaughlin of ABC News has the report: Link
[auto-playing video]

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June 5th, 2012

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