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The UK’s Most-Complained-About Advertisements of All Time

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The Telegraph has a compliation of the ten advertisements (print and televised) which have generated the most complaints to the official watchdog.  The subject matter is generally predictable: misleading content, sex (contraception, abortion, nudity), violence, verbal and physical child abuse, religion, and climate change.

Oh, and also one about a cat being kicked by a blind person.

The advertisement which generated the most complaints, however, was a 2005 promotion for Kentucky Fried Chicken which featured people talking (singing) with their mouths full of food; this was viewed as encouraging bad manners among young persons.  Would you object to your children viewing this ad?  Is it more offensive than the other topics?

The other nine most-offensive ads are listed and embedded at the The Telegraph.



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June 29th, 2012

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