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The Ten Biggest Alpha Males in TV History

Unreality magazine posted a list of ten alpha males on TV, of which I have seen exactly two. I went out of my way to see the show Justified because I was born in Harlan County. And I’ve seen Star Trek, but I have the feeling it was included to ward off commenters, because James T. Kirk must be included in a list of TV alpha males. Otherwise, all the shows are from the past ten years or so. Where is Marshall Dillon? Where is J.R. Ewing? Where is Napoleon Solo? Arthur Fonzarelli? Tony Soprano? Thomas Magnum? Anyway, the list at Unreality is a good one insofar as recent TV is concerned. Go take a look and you may find a show you’ll want to start watching. But who else would you include from older TV shows? Link

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April 23rd, 2012

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