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The Teenager Who Flew into Red Square


Do you remember Mathias Rust? Hard to believe, but it’s been 25 years since the 19-year-old pilot flew from his home in West Germany and landed in the center of Moscow, breaking through every Soviet defense.

Once the police had recovered from the shock of finding an unauthorised aircraft parked at the gates of the Kremlin, Rust was arrested.

He spent hours trying to persuade the authorities that he had acted alone and was not part of some sinister plot hatched by foreign governments.

In the Kremlin there was shock and plenty of red faces as the full extent of the humiliating incident became apparent.

Rust was arrested by Soviet police and was sentenced to four years in a Soviet labor camp. While that never happened, he did spend over a year in the Lefortovo prison in Moscow. Today says he has no regrets. If you aren’t familiar with the story, you can read all about it at the BBC. Link -via the Presurfer

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December 8th, 2012

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