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The Spy in the Bag

MI6, the British intelligence service that inspired the James Bond story,
has got a real-life spy mystery on its hand: One of its own spy was found
dead, padlocked inside a duffel back in a bathtub.

Was it the work of foreign assassins, poison, or a sex game gone wrong?
John F. Burns of The New York Times has the macabre yet fascinating story
of The Spy in the Bag:

At the inquest on Friday, a video was played showing two men hired
by the police — one a yoga expert and the other a former military
man trained in escape techniques, and both of roughly the same size
and height as the muscular, athletic, 5-foot-7-inch Mr. Williams —
trying to replicate what he would have had to do to get himself into
the bag alone and lock it from inside. Using the same kind of red, extra-large
North Face duffel bag, and the tub in the Pimlico flat, the two men
were shown contorting themselves — more than 100 times in the
case of one man, and 300 times in the case of the other — without
managing the feat.


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April 28th, 2012

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