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The Horror Train of Japan

Got a spoiled brat? When scoldings and time-outs don’t work, scare ‘em straight with the horror train.

Yes, that’s right: here’s the Yokai Train, a scary summer “attraction” in Kyoto, Japan, featuring creepy monster aboard a train.

As the Yokai Train leaves the station, a spooky sounds can be heard coming from the speakers, and the monsters make their entrance. Some are dressed in white kimonos and wear white masks and triangular white crowns (which means they are dead), while others sport creepy masks and torn rags. Some of the older kids react pretty well to the yokai, but the younger ones cry and scream while their mothers and the other adults watch and smile. It sounds a bit cruel, but by the last station of the tour most children make friends with the monsters.

Actually, this explains a lot about Japan: Link

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August 23rd, 2011

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