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The Fartiste

We told you the story of Joseph Pujol, who made a good living by farting onstage in Paris over a hundred years ago. Now that story is a off-Broadaway musical! The Fartiste opened last week at Sofia’s Downstairs dinner theater.

It might be lowbrow humor at its lowest, but it gets laughs. Why? Unfortunately the cast and crew can’t say. You just have to have an open mind … and open nostrils.

“I love fart jokes and I think that everyone should,” said Charlie Schulman, who wrote the show’s book. “It’s one of those things in life that makes people laugh, but I don’t know why.”

More flatulent sound effects fill the air of the Manhattan dinner theater where the show opened last week than at a Whoopee cushion factory.

“You could be at a funeral, and if somebody farts, people will laugh,” said Steven Scott, a standup comedian who produces every gassy sound in “The Fartiste” with his mouth. “There’s just something funny about it.”

So far, the show has received good reviews. Link

(Image credit: Carol Rosegg)

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November 18th, 2011

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