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The End of the "Silent Letter"

Combining the ease of telephonic communication with the awesome speed of mail, the maker of typewriters Smith-Corona (count just how many cutting edge technologies are represented here, Neatoramanauts!) introduced the Mail Call back in 1967:

Announcing: The end of the silent letter

Now you can really “hear” from those you miss the most.

A son in service. A child in college. A fiance in another city. Parents in your old home town.

Mail Call – Smith-Corona’s revolutionary new concept in long-distance correspondence – lets you receive and send letters with all the warmth and joy of the human voice.

WHAT IT IS. Mail Call is a handsome, compact, combination recording and play-back unit. It comes in a set of two. One for the person you’ll write to, one for you. With a Letterpack(TM) cartridge for your letters.

EASY TO USE. As easy – and as personal – as a telephone call, without the static or the cost! Simply slip in the Letterpack cartridge. Turn the knob to RECORD. Talk away. Stop and start at any point. You can erase everything and start again. Even put the whole family on one letter. When you’ are done, slip the cartridge out; mail in an ordinary envelope. When you receive a taped letter, insert it in your unit, turn the knob to PLAY, and listen.

MAIL CALL GOES ANYWHERE. Each Mail Call unit is lightweight, fully-transistorized, battery-operated, portable. Letterpacks for 3,6, or 10 minute letters are available and re-usable time after time. Extra cartridges are inexpensive.

HEAR FROM THEM MORE OFTEN. If you’re not hearing often from loved ones far from home, Mail Call is your answer. Sets of two and extra Letterpack cartridges are on sale at Smith-Corona dealers, appliance and hardware stores. With Smith-Corona’s 5-year guarantee. The talking letter is here.

Just say it – and sent it with “MAIL CALL” by Smith-Corona. Less than $70.00 a pair (batteries not included)

$70 in 1967 is about $450 today. Via Mark’s Scrapbook of Oddities & Treasures

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September 28th, 2012

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