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The Complicated World of Modern Baby Naming

back when, parents used to name their kids whatever they like and that’s
the end of that.

Then came the Internet, and baby naming suddenly became a bit more complicated:

Fast forward to after a baby is born, and it’s becoming more
and more popular to reserve a child’s email, domain name and maybe
even Twitter handle, so they don’t have to be something like,
“Sophie Miller 582” or “Oscar Sheppard 4””
when they grow up and want their own Internet identity.

“When our son was a month old, we got him a Gmail account,”
says Joanna Goldstein, a first time mother in New York City. “For
now, I send emails out to our family every week, attaching pictures
and sharing his latest triumphs. I hope somebody it will be nice for
him to have this journal of his early adventures in his email.”

And then, there’s Jay Z and Beyonce, who took the whole laying
claim to a baby name to the next level. They made headlines last winter
when they filed an application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
to protect their daughter’s name — Blue Ivy Carter .

Some parents found the whole thing downright crazy. Trademarking
a baby name — only in tinsel town, right?

Jacoba Urist of MSNBC’s TODAY Moms has the post: Link
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