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The 20 Most Popular People On The Internet

Who are the most popular people on the internet? Well, they are not popular just for being on the internet -it takes a presence in the real world. However, the internet can measure a celebrity’s popularity pretty well. And the most popular person, teen pop singer Justin Bieber, got his start on the internet.

In the past twelve months, more people have searched for the 16-year-old wonder on Google than have searched for “china,” “jesus,” or “boobs.”

Bieber also left other celebrities in the dust. The only person who came close was Lady Gaga.

Based on a rigorous analysis of Google Trends we’ve identified the most popular people on the Internet. Since Google provides only comparative data, we compared everyone we could think of to Bieber. Feel free to check the data and post a comment if we left anyone off the list.

Business Insider counts down the top 20, ranked in comparison with Bieber’s popularity. Link -Thanks, Adam!

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February 8th, 2011

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