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The 160 Million Dollar Bride

age of giving heads of cattle as dowry may have come and gone, but the
replacement may not be better: a Chinese tycoon has set a record by giving
a dowry of more than 1 billion yuan ($160 million) to marry off his daughter!

Wu Ruibiao included as part of his largesse four boxes of gold which
were placed on his daughter’s bed as well as a Porsche and a Mercedes-Benz
which were handed over draped with red ribbons.

According to the Straits News newspaper Ruibiao’s daughter, who has
not been named, decided to marry her childhood sweetheart, a local government
official called Xu from Jinjiang, an entrepreneurial city on China’s
south coast.

An eight-day public wedding banquet began on December 28.

But the generosity of the father did not end there.

A bank account has been opened with an initial deposit of 20 million
yuan and five million shares in Mr Wu’s company, Wanli, with an estimated
value of 100 million yuan, were transferred.

Added to the gifts are a list of properties, including several villas
and a retail store in Quanzhou city. Mr Wu also gave 15 million yuan
to two local charities, for good luck.

And not one wedding gift from the NeatoShop.
Could you believe that? Malcolm Moore of The Telegraph has more on this
story: Link

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January 1st, 2013

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