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Teeny Tiny Books

BuninThis is sort of like the library necklace, but with real books. From the Publishing House of Miniature Books in Russia come these tiny masterpieces measuring less than half an inch tall. I used Google Language Tools to try and translate some of the titles, and found one title translated as “And Bunin. A. Antonovsky apples”.

An Amazon search brought me to Ivan Bunin’s Collected Stories. The first story is called “The Scent of Apples,” and I learn on the first page that antonovka means autumn apple:

“I remember a fresh and quiet morning…The big garden, its dry and thinned out leaves turning golden in the early light. I remember the avenue of maples, the delicate smell of the fallen leaves, and the scent of autumn apples — antonovkas –that mix of honey and fall freshness. The air’s so clear it seems there is no air at all…”

There is a long history of miniature books in Russia, and you can read more about it here.

Via Nag On The Lake.

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November 8th, 2009

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