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Teen Life in 1947 Iowa

Photo: George Skadding/LIFE Archives

Ah, the life of a teenager. Long before the era of Facebook, texting,
and clubbing, there’s the hopping soda shop scene. LIFE photographer George
Skadding documented the lives of Iowa high school teenagers in the late
’40s. Gosh darn it! They’re so wholesome!

From Teenagster:

… when I saw these LIFE Magazine photos of teen life in Des Moines,
Iowa in 1947, I was pleasantly surprised to see cute sweater sets, co-ed
mingling (in cars!), slumber parties and even spin the bottle. (Granted,
Des Moines is “the city” in Iowa, so, there ya go.) I stand
corrected! That soda shop is bumpin’.


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January 26th, 2012

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