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Tattoo Design Has Now Peaked

Pip Foweraker is a thoughtful, careful man, so he spent considerable time contemplating what he would like to have as his first and possibly only tattoo. His friends advised against the whole idea. After all, what will it look like when he’s old? Tattoos are, practically speaking, forever. So Foweraker established a general principle to address this problem:

…the best solution would be to get a tattoo so over-the-top awesome, and filled with personal meaning and satisfaction, that it would be literally impossible for me to ever regret getting it.

Careful reasoning led him to conclude that the ultimate tattoo — one that would be impossible for anyone to regret — would be a tyrannosaurus rex and Optimus Prime giving each other a high five. You can find his detailed argument at the link, which I think you will agree is flawless.

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March 19th, 2012

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