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T-Rex Sculpture Made Out Of Recycled Metal Parts

As if T-Rex, the big daddy of dinosaurs with a serious appetite to match, isn’t badass enough in the scaly flesh, now he’s been built out of scrap metal parts by sculptor Andrew Chase.

And, while this over two foot tall, and six foot long, metal sculpture is far from life sized, he would be no less intimidating than his normal sized self to, say, a mouse or hamster, or even that annoying Chihuahua next door.

All jokes aside, Andrew’s metal T-Rex would make a great stop motion puppet, a worthy successor to Ray Harryhausen’s classic Tyrannosaurus Rex puppet from the film One Million Years B.C. Check out all the other pics of this awesome metal dinosaur at the link below, because I feel like this guy has to be seen from all sides to be truly appreciated.

Link  –via Obvious Winner

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January 16th, 2012

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