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T. Rex: Fatso?

T. Rex: Fierce … ferocious … fat?

Paleontologist John R. Hutchinson and colleagues led the study that suggested
that the king of dinosaur was way plumper than previously thought:

“We knew she was big but the 30 percent increase in her weight
was unexpected,” said Makovicky, who works at the museum where
Sue has been a major draw since 2000. He added that this figure represents
the leanest model, so the famous dinosaur might have been even more
corpulent. “Nine tons is the minimum estimate we arrived at using
a very skinny body form,” he explained.

The new mass estimates indicate that Tyrannosaurus rex grew twice
as quickly as previously thought, packing on up to 3,950 pounds per
year during the teenage phase. This staggering rate, coupled with its
gargantuan adult proportions, probably meant that Tyrannosaurus rex
moved more slowly as it aged, according to the researchers. Large individuals
could still have achieved speeds between 10 and 25 miles per hour while
running after prey, using their giant tail and hip muscles for propulsion,
they said. Not bad for a hulking beast once thought to have weighed
as much as a school bus or full-grown elephant—but may actually
have verged on a bus with an elephant inside.

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October 15th, 2011

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