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Surprise! Welcome Home From Jail Party Ended up in 5 Stabbings

directly to jail. Don’t pass go, do not collect your "welcome home
from jail party" party favors.

That’s what happened when a welcome home party for a teen who got released
from juvenile detention ended up in shooting and stabbings for 5 people
at the party:

The congratulations-for-getting-out-of-juvenile-detention party
occurred on the 500 block of Hess Street in Bethlehem Saturday night,
police told the Morning Call.

Reports of gunshots in that area brought police to find two people
with stab wounds from a huge brawl that erupted on the street during
the party. Police brought the two wounded to St. Luke’s Hospital
and later discovered that three more people were stabbed and had gone
to the hospital on their own.

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October 20th, 2011

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