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Steven Seagal Fighting Crime (For Real!)

What has action star Steven Seagal been doing since his box-office heyday of the mid 90s? Turns out he’s been battling crime. For real: he’s been working as an unpaid reserve deputy for Louisiana’s Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office.

And now, it’s all going to be on TV:

Seagal, 58, who has a second home in bayou country, is a fully commissioned deputy and spends several months a year in Louisiana. While on the force, he usually works five-day shifts.

Jefferson Parish Col. John Fortunato, who partners with Seagal on the 13-episode series, says Lawman captures deputies in a high-crime arena – interrogating suspects, breaking up fights, chasing bad guys and making arrests.

“It just so happens that Steven Seagal is a movie star, but this is not made for TV, where there are second takes or things staged,” Fortunato says. “He’s out patrolling areas where there’s a considerable amount of crime. This is for real.”


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December 3rd, 2009

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