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Steampunk Portal Gun Is Brasstastic

A while back I posted about the Portal Gun replica being released by NECA, and it was glorious (the gun, not the article). Well, this bad mofo, built by crafty individual Batman-N-Bananas, puts that pretty little number to shame.

It’s a Steampunk styled Portal Gun, like the one carried by Chell in the Portal video game franchise, and it’s so purrrrty I just want to mount it on my wall and stare at it all day long. Here’s the ridiculously exhaustive list of stuff used to construct this beauty:

“2 antique clock movements, 1 +1/2 hangers, Metal teapot stand, plastic mechano, plumbing parts, 1 plant pot, 1 hair gel pot + various lids, plastic tub (those ones you get nuts in the the supermarket), plastic tubing, lots and lots of nuts and bolts, miniature storage box (for the battery compartment), pocket laser disc (you can get them on ebay if anyone’s interested), 3 lightbulbs, carboard tube, metal covering from an old hairbrush, AV socket, tons of odds and ends from [his] parents garage, oh and of course the usuals – milliput, humbrol and warhammer paints, hot melt glue and about 6 gallons of superglue.”

I personally wouldn’t risk damaging this wonderful work of video game themed art by lugging it to my local WhateverCon, but a Steampunk Chell costume would be pretty cool…oh wait, there she is, at the link below! And she’s got the gun strapped to her arm AT A CON!!! *gasp*

Link  –via Obvious Winner

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March 9th, 2012

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