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Spurned Mistress Buys Billboards

When most people feel cheated by their lover, they complain to friends or maybe trash some of the other person’s property left at their house. But YaVaughnie Wilkins is not most people.

After seeing that Oracle President Charles Phillips was going back to his wife, she bought $250,000 worth of billboards in Atlanta, San Francisco and New York that featured her and Charles together. The billboards also featured a link to her website, but it has since been taken down.

I think this is going a bit far, but I’ve never been in an eight year long affair with the president of a major company, so maybe I just don’t know what it’s like. What do you guys think?

Link Via San Francisco Family Law Blog Image Via Gawker

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January 28th, 2010

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  1. Lemuel Cutcher

    Mistress makes me mindblowed!

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