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Spanish Olympics Team Uniform: You Get What You Pay For

Photo: Alex Fabregas/Twitter

Remember that brouhaha
over Team America’s Olympics uniform
? Well, they’re super stylish
when compared to what Spanish Olympians have to wear:

With Spain on the brink of bankruptcy, its Olympic committee decided
to save money this year. It got its Olympic uniforms for free, from
the Russian designer Bosco, which also provided kits for the Russian
and Ukrainian teams.

But several Spanish athletes have taken to Twitter to express their
distaste for the freebie clothes they’re required to wear. After an
outcry over U.S.
Olympic outfits made in China
, Spain’s Olympians have a different
gripe about their uniforms: They’re just plain ugly. [...]

Spanish officials acknowledge that they chose the outfits because
they were free.

Life lesson here? You get what you pay for! Link

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July 28th, 2012

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