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Skip the Long Security Lines at the Airport with a Wheelchair

wait at the airport security line? Savvy travelers know the shortcut:
simply request an airport wheelchair, no proof of disability required!

The practice, tacitly endorsed by a “don’t ask, don’t
tell” policy from wheelchair pushers, who sometimes receive tips,
is so commonplace that airport workers can predict spikes in wheelchair
requests when security is particularly backed up, and flight attendants
see it so often on certain routes — including to the Philippines,
Egypt and the Dominican Republic, for which sometimes a dozen people
in wheelchairs will be waiting to board — they’ve dubbed
them “miracle flights.”

“We’d say there was a miracle because they all needed a
wheelchair getting on, but not getting off,” said Kelly Skyles,
a flight attendant and the national safety and security coordinator
for the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, which represents
American Airlines attendants. “Not only do we serve them beverages
and ensure their safety — now we’re healing the sick.”

Sarah Maslin Nir of The New York Times explains: Link

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