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Silent Hill Apparently Takes Place In School From Kindergarten Cop

This side-by-side comparison of scenes from Kindergarten Cop and the video game Silent Hill shows an eerie similarity between the two seemingly disparate stories, but are they really that different?

Both revolve around the main character searching for someone, both required translation before being released to english speaking countries, and both are quite horrifying to behold, albeit for vastly different reasons. I see some great crossover potential here, get Arnie on the phone and see if he’s on board. And tell him to bring his flashlight!

Actually, the crew behind Silent Hill obviously found this school, which is actually in Astoria, Oregon, spooky enough to serve as the setting for their creeped out game. They even included posters from the movie, as a nod to the source of their inspiration.


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January 17th, 2012

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