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Sgt. Reckless, the Korean War Hero Horse

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Sgt Reckless was a small chestnut-colored horse with a white blaze on her face and three white stocking feet who joined the marines in 1952. She was purchased at the Seoul Racetrack from a young Korean and was originally named “Flame “but became “Reckless,” after the nickname Marines had given to the recoilless rifle.She went through equine boot camp, learning to jump in and out of a jeep, how to take cover and carry loads of ammunition on a pack saddle. Later she also learned to string telephone wire. She was a true heroine at the re-taking of Vegas where she made 51 trips from the ASP to the gun sites that day, carrying 386 rounds, despite being injured by shrapnel. She transported more than 9,000 pounds of explosives!¬†After the war a private company provided free passage for Reckless to travel to the United States. She was guest of honor at many events over the years and gave birth to four foals. She was promoted to staff sergeant in 1959 and retired on Nov. 10, 1960, with full military honors.

Reckless’ decorations included two Purple Hearts, Good Conduct Medal, Presidential Unit Citation with star, National Defense Service Medal, Korean Service Medal, United Nations Service Medal, and Republic of Korea Presidential Unit Citation, all of which she proudly wore on her scarlet and gold blanket.On May 13, 1968, the Corps lost a dear friend with the passing away of SSgt Reckless. Some reports state she was 19 and others say 20 when she was injured and had to be put to sleep.But, the legend of Reckless lives on.

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June 25th, 2011

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