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Secret Cookie Service

Well, sometimes you just need a cookie. But you’re in college during
exam week and you just can’t go to the store … who you gonna call? The
Cookie Service
, of course:

A UCSD grad student has traded in his lab coat for an apron and

The young man now known as "Agent Snickerdoodle" started
a "secret cookie service" in which hungry UCSD students simply
text or call him requesting his famous cookies. He gives them a CETA
(Cookie Estimated Time of Arrival, of course) and then then delivers
them in disguise.

Snickerdoodle dropped out of his PhD chemistry program at UCSD
last year to start his cookie service. Now, his business is thriving
on the campus where he once studied.
"It was terrifying leaving the program," Snickerdoodle said.
"I think a lot of people kind of looked down on it, like ‘what
am I doing?’ And literally said I was nuts doing it."

That was why he donned the disguise to begin with, he said. He
and his partner dress in dark suits and ties with dark sunglasses.

"It was really a secret from everyone who knew me."

But more than a disguise from criticism, the tactic is a unique
entrepreneurial touch.

NBC San Diego dished out the storyt: Link

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March 13th, 2012

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