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Scott Pilgrim Gets A Hardcore Reboot

The folks over at ComicsAlliance have commissioned reboot cover art for indie comics from Kevin Mellon, one of the finest illustrators working in the industry today, and the results are pretty freakin’ awesome. Take this reboot for example, Scott Pilgrim as the kick ass hardcore hero he deserves to be, rendered in a stark and angular style that is befitting his amazing abilities. Each cover comes with a brief synopsis of the rebooted storyline, and if Scott Pilgrim’s is any indication of how future titles will look then we’re in for a real treat:

Scott Pilgrim came to the big city full of big dreams about making it as a rap-metal mega-star — at least, until he met Ramona Flowers, the gorgeous hooker-cum-drug mule that he couldn’t seem to get out of his mind. When Ramona finally tries to break ties with her pimp Gideon Graves — a vicious crime lord who has been flooding the streets of Toronto with a dangerous new drug called “Glow” — only Scott can save her from the consortium of increasingly deadly hitmen that Gideon sends to take her out.

Now that’s what I call re-envisioning a storyline! Look for more reboots to premiere in the coming months at ComicsAlliance.


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August 20th, 2011

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