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When you’re trying to figure out where to build your next ski resort, you don’t have to use guesswork to pick the ideal spot — there’s an app for that.


Geographers at the University of Delaware have developed a geographical information system (GIS) that can identify the location that would best suit your winter sport needs, whether you want a small, exclusive resort or a large, mass market venue.

Professors Jordan Silberman and Peter Rees have taken into account humidity levels most likely to produce snow, as well as road accessibility, slope geometry (to avoid avalanches), threats to wildlife, likely erosion from tree felling, and the availability of electricity to run the lifts.

“This lets us rank the locations for skiing, snowboarding, ice-climbing and snowmobiling,” says Silberman.

So before you break ground for that chalet, consult this GIS-based model. It beats a Magic 8-Ball.

Links: io9, New Scientist, Applied Geography; image via Freaking News

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December 31st, 2009

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