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Santa Doesn’t "Do Poor Countries"

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Is Santa an elitist grouch who doesn’t "do poor countries"?
That’s the swipe that UNICEF’s new Christmas seems to say!

A new UNICEF-Sweden commercial is taking a swipe at Santa Claus.
In the video [...], Santa begins by laughing at his desk while he examines
toys. Then he picks up a box filled with UNICEF (United Nations Children’s
Fund) medical supplies — malaria tablets, rehydration bags, polio
vaccines — destined for an impoverished country. Santa scoffs:
"All this stuff goes to poor kids, like in Africa?" Santa
then looks at a gift card the United Nations relief organization sends
to people when someone makes a donation in their name. "What am
I supposed to say when I give this out? ‘Here’s a picture of the gift
you never got?’ Come on. I don’t do poor countries."


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December 22nd, 2011

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