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San Francisco to Ban Public Nudity

Francisco ain’t gonna be the same ever again. Supervisor and party pooper
Scott Wiener has proposed a legislation to ban public nudity in the let-it-all-hang-out
Californian city:

Wiener on Tuesday proposed legislation that would ban the exposure
of genitals or buttocks on all city sidewalks, plazas, parklets, streets
and public transit. [...]

At Jane Warner Plaza at Castro and Market streets on Tuesday, the clothed
sun worshipers were mostly relieved to hear that the Castro district’s
famous "naked guys" could soon be forced to be just regular,
pants-wearing guys. As many as a dozen nudists gather almost daily in
the neighborhood’s town square.

"To me, it’s uncivilized," griped Lawrence Snyder, a 70-year-old
retiree who likes to read the newspaper at least once a week in the
plaza. "Even the cavemen wore a little bit of fur, a little bit
of leather."

Heather Knight of San Francisco Chronicle has the story: Link
(Photo: Beck Diefenbach/SF Chronicle)

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