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Roman Helmet Found in Field Makes Farmer Multimillionaire

Eric Robinson, a farmer in Crosby Garrett, UK, earned approximately $3.7 million when a helmet that was found in his field was auctioned:

The grandad, who works 70 hours a week on his farm at Crosby Garrett, Cumbria, said: “My legs went to jelly. When you’ve been farming for years and made no real money, it’s a big amount.

“To think it has been in the ground all those years.”

The sale was a disappointment to Cumbrian museum Tulie House, which hoped to land the helmet – described as “an extraordinary example of Roman metalwork at its zenith” – for £1million.

Link via The Agitator | Photo (unrelated) by Flickr user Rennett Stowe used under Creative Commons license

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October 10th, 2010

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