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Robot Fish Fools Zebrafish

The robocalypse is already happening … if you’re a zebrafish. Researchers
at the Polytechnic Insitute of New York University and Istituto Superiore
di Sanità, Italy, have created an artificial fertile female zebrafish
that was accepted as a new robotic overlord by the real fishies:

The team fashioned their robotic fish to look like a fertile female
zebrafish, which is attractive to both males and females in the species,
and they painted it with characteristic stripes and yellow accents.
[...] When the robotic fish with flapping tail was adjacent to an empty
control section, both individuals and small shoals of zebrafish preferred
to spend time in the vicinity of the robotic fish. In other words, fish
were attracted by the robot.


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June 11th, 2012

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