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Ring of Fire Coming Sunday

Annular Solar Eclipse Mosaic

A “ring of fire” solar eclipse will be visible Sunday on the west coast of North America and parts of Asia on Monday morning.

In this weekend’s annular solar eclipse, the moon will slide in front of the sun and block 94 percent of its light. But because the moon is near apogee — the point in its orbit when it’s farthest away from Earth — it appears smaller to us, and will only cover most of the sun — leaving a ring of fiery light blasting the edges. (What, you thought it was a Johnny Cash reference?).

Of course, this ring of fire will be so awesome we shouldn’t look at it. And it’s relatively rare; the last one was in 1994, but strangely, we’ll have another in May 2013. Link

(Image credit: Flickr user José Ángel)

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May 17th, 2012

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