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Restaurant Serves Meal on Table Suspended 50 Meters into the Air

Stefan Kerkhofs’s Dinner in the Sky experience lets you eat a gourmet meal served on a platform held aloft by a crane:

Kerkhofs, who used to set up bungee-jumping and amusement part installations, partnered with marketing executive David Ghelys to develop Dinner in the Sky six years ago. The two now travel the world putting on dramatic dining shows.

Kerkhofs has designed and built 40 platforms and charges up to 250 euros ($310) a head for the experience, with Las Vegas, Barcelona, Paris, Monaco and Tokyo all popular destinations.

While the views from up above are spectacular, the aim is to ensure that the food is too, with some of the world’s top chefs preparing the meals. One recent menu included foie gras, lobster with lemongrass and crispy veal sweetbreads followed by a chocolate, caramel and coconut concoction.

The above screenshot is from one such event held in front of the Royal Palace of Brussels.

News Story and Video -via Glenn Reynolds

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June 9th, 2012

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