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Rescue Cat Saves Shelter

Daniel the shelter cat only has 26 toes, which is not enough to earn him a world record, but is certainly more than you or I have! The polydactyl cat was taken in by the Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center when shelter owner Amy Rowell spotted him at the pound, and now Daniel has returned the favor -by saving the shelter.

Unable to afford its raised rent at a suburban mall, the Milwaukee Animal Rescue Center needed to buy a new building. To raise the necessary funds, Rowell solicited $26 donations – $1 for each of Daniel’s tootsies.

Donors opened their hearts and their wallets, and $125,000 poured in within the space of just six weeks, the Associated Press reports – $5,000 more than the goal. And most of it came in the form of $26 donations.

The mortgage is not yet paid off, so Daniel will continue to solicit funds for the shelter. Link -via mental_floss

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December 26th, 2011

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