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Real Life Tom and Jerry

It’s like Tom and Jerry but in real life! Photographer Malcolm Case-Green
snapped this photo of a tiny mouse that doesn’t take kindly to being bullied:

Looking like a scene from a Tom and Jerry cartoon, the fight saw
‘Jerry’ escaping under the fence and back into the woods where ‘Tom’
had earlier caught him.

The cat had brought the mouse into a garden in Reigate, Surrey,
hoping to spend the afternoon chasing him before snacking on the little
critter. But he bit off more than he could chew when the mouse turned
on him in a battle to survive.

Stephanie Evans said she came outside and saw the mouse in the
cat’s mouth. He put the mouse down and instead of running away the mouse
just fronted him. The cat was so shocked he just stood there. She says
she thinks they must have tussled for about 10 minutes, before the little
mouse disappeared under the fence.

A neighbour later found the mouse in his greenhouse. He said "he
refused to run off. He was probably waiting patiently to smash a flower-pot
over the cat’s head!"

– via Arbroath

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March 16th, 2012

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