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Real Life Norman Bates Impersonates Dead Mom for 6 Years

life-imitating-movie story is one for the books: in order to prevent his
home from being foreclosed, Thomas Prusik Parkin decided that the only
course of action was to impersonate his dead elderly mother and sue …

“I held my mother when she was dying and breathed in her
last breath, so I am my mother,” Parkin told detectives.

In the trial now nearing conclusion in Brooklyn Supreme Court,
51-year-old Parkin is being presented by the prosecution as a kind of
Norman Bates for our time, armed not with a knife, but a pen, seeking
not blood, but money. Rather than terrorize a rundown motel, Parkin
is accused of dressing up like his dead mom, Irene Prusik, to perpetuate
an intricate series of frauds over a six-year period involving a $2.2
million Park Slope brownstone and a $990,000 mortgage, as well as $115,000
in Social Security and other government payments.

The evidence against him includes a film made not by Alfred Hitchcock,
but by investigators with the Brooklyn D.A.’s office using a buttonhole
camera. It was screened on Wednesday before jurors, who seemed greatly
entertained as they watched a figure in a red top slumped at the end
a sofa wearing an obvious blonde wig, lipstick, blackout sunglasses,
and an oxygen mask.

Michael Daly of The Beast has the intriguing story: Link
– via News
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May 7th, 2012

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