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Reagan to the Rescue!

Now that the mainstream media is crowing that Obama’s approval rating has been bouncing back, what’s a good ol’ conservative to do? Time to trot out the Gipper!

Here’s Reagan to the Rescue Tumblr blog, which described itself as such:

A photoblog dedicated to the fact that Ronald Reagan — and only Ronald Reagan — can solve any/all of our problems. It is well known that Ronald Reagan is a time traveler who once won a drinking contest versus Thor and Zeus and bedded Aphrodite and Helen of Troy– at the same time. He lives among us still, selectively solving problems. If shit is fucked up anywhere in the world, he knows about it and can solve it. If he’s not solving it, it’s because the solution is still trickling down. Be patient! This page is a tribute to American’s greatest undead deity. Please save us Reagan!


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January 20th, 2011

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