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Promotion Leads to Massive Bomb Scare

What were they thinking? They obviously did not recall the colossal Mooninite caper of 2007. Then again, that was five years ago. Convar Deutschland, a German computer company, sent out advertising “gifts” for their data-recovery service to prospective clients in the form of what appeared to be time bombs.

Convar Deutschland thought they had cooked up an exciting way to attract new clients, when they began gluing hard drives to alarm clocks and sending them to companies with a note reading, “Your time is running out.”

They sent out a total of 40 “time bombs” to businesses, shops, a handful of embassies and even the offices of a newspaper group.

But instead of drumming up custom, the stunt caused mayhem as terrified recipients called the police and prompted building evacuations, Berlin paper Tagesspiegel reported on Friday.

The company may have to pay the police for expenses incurred. Link -via Arbroath

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March 19th, 2012

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