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Prisoner Digs Hole in Wall, Gets Stuck While Trying to Escape


What we’ve got here is failure to lose weight. That was something that Rafael Valadão should have done before boring a hole through the wall of a prison in Ceres, Brazil. That or dig a bigger hole.

Rafael Valadão, the well-built tattooed convict, tried to follow one of his smaller fellow prisoners who had already made a bid for freedom through the gap.

But he was left screaming for help when he became wedged while others tried to force him through the hole they had made with a metal shower pipe. [...]

He was left with his upper body hanging outside of the prison while he was trapped by the hole in the wall around his midriff.

He was rescued after firemen smashed through the rest of the wall and is now being treated for a suspected fractured rib.

Link -via Dave Barry | Photo: Jornal Populacional 

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December 5th, 2012

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