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Print Your Own Records

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The in last couple of years, the music industry has seen the phoenix-like return of the vinyl LP. Once thought to be as extinct as the dinosaur or Leif Garrett’s musical career, record labels have return to their jilted ex with gold-digging abandon.  While vinyl might be a throwback to a more analog time, it doesn’t mean technology is standing still.  Enter Amanda Ghassei and the 3D printed record!

Using a 3D printer and a lotta know-how, Ghassaei has found a way to convert digital audio files into 3Dprintable 33rpm records that play on standard turntables with regular needles and at regular speeds.

How does it sound?  Check out the clip of Aphex Twin above and behold the future!

Link via Consequence of Sound

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January 2nd, 2013

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