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Prince Charles, The One Who Makes Cows Cry

handsome is Charles, Prince of Wales? So handsome he makes cows cry.

No, really.

That’s Prince Charles’ new name, as bestowed upon him by the Maasai warriors
of Africa:

Charles’s new name in the tribe’s language is Helper of Cows, which
literally translates as ‘the one who makes cows cry’.

According to Matthew Rimba, a village elder and ‘father’
of the Boma, the animals would cry, or call, for their helper because
of the support he gives them.

The awarding of the title is considered a great honour as in Maasai
culture, the cow is king.

The Maasai believe they own every cow in the world – and had been
particularly impressed to hear that Charles keeps over 800 cows on his
land in the UK.


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November 14th, 2011

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