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Police Help Blind Writer Recover Work

Trish Vickers of Charmouth, Dorset, England, lost her sight years ago, but continues to write in longhand with a system that keeps her lines straight. During a particularly creative streak, she wrote 26 pages of a novel. However, the ink in her pen had run out. Vickers only found that out when her son Simon came to check her work.

Ms Vickers, who used to run the Bridport gift shop Zoot Allures in South Street, said: “We battled with various ideas until we thought of the police.

“We rang them and asked to speak to their fingerprint section. They said if there was anything they could do they would be happy to help.

“I was gobsmacked and so happy.”

Her son drove her and the blank pages to Dorset Police HQ at Winfrith and waited to see what would happen.

True to their word officers in the department worked in their spare time, during breaks to try and crack the puzzle and Mrs Vickers got her manuscript back last week.

She said: “I think they used a combination of various lights at different angles to see if they could get the impression made by my pen. I am so happy, pleased and grateful. It was really nice of them and I want to thank them for helping me out.”

The police said they enjoyed the story as they deciphered it. Vickers usually writes only as a hobby, but may send this novel to a publisher when it is completed. Link -via Arbroath

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April 12th, 2012

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