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Origins of Life

HydrocarbonPoolsStevenHobbsHulu, which I understand is not available to the whole world (apologies), has a great video by Gerald Calderon. It’s quite possibly the best explanation of the origin of life ever presented on film. The art direction, the narration, the whole 40 minute production really sums up the scientific record, and is full of win.

15 billion years ago the Universe just suddenly was. 5 billion years ago, the Earth and Sun formed a healthy bond. Then things started getting interesting. Single celled organisms, coral, and amazing advancements though the millenia are represented here. 600 million years ago was when transfer of genes through sex became the new fad, and diversity took over. 400 million years ago, life started flourishing on dry land.

This is seriously some of the best underwater footage we’ve ever seen. Highly recommended if you’ve ever wanted to see an octopus eat a same-sized crab.

Link, again apologies if you can’t see this. :( | Image by Steven Hobbs

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November 14th, 2009

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