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Officer, That Meth You Found Hidden in My Groin Isn’t Mine, Nor Is the Groin

police cruiserA couple of years ago, police officers in Florida found cocaine hidden up a man’s bottom. He denied that the cocaine was his. 

More recently, a suspect in Spokane Valley, Washington went even further. Not only was the methamphetamine that officers found in his groin not his, neither was the groin:

After he was taken out of the store to the patrol car, a deputy found two golf ball sized baggies of methamphetamine in his groin area.

Hooper, when the baggies of meth were placed on the patrol car’s hood, told the deputy it was not his groin and had no idea where the meth came from.

If your groin area is currently missing, call police in Spokane Valley.

Link -via Dave Barry | Photo (unrelated): City of Marietta

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October 31st, 2012

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