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Not Such A Great Parking Space

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Have you ever gotten really excited over finding a great parking space only to have something awful happen to your car a little later? In my world, we call this the Parking Fairy and the Ding Demon theory. Whatever joy the Parking Fairy gives the Ding Demon is sure to take away. Take a look at the You Tube link above. The Ding Demon got this guy really good.

Andrew Gelles of Wisconsin thought he scored a great parking spot. Little did he know that a broken water main was about to cause a 30 feet wide and 20 feet deep sinkhole to open up. His car along with another car were gobbled up. Score one for the Ding Demon.

Andrew Gelles is the owner of one of the cars that crashed into the hole. He was preparing to play with his band at a bar around the corner. “Unloaded my gear and saw a parking spot available just at the bottom of that hill and thought, ‘Perfect, I’ll just part there,’” said Gelles. As Gelles walked away from his car, he noticed some water streaming out of a nearby manhole cover.


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March 14th, 2011

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