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No More Naked Reading at Oxford

In a bit of controversy on campus, the Breakfast Club–a group of about 40 male and female¬†Worcester College students–get together in the library¬†on Wednesday afternoons to do group revision… with a bit of stripping. The “Half-Naked Half-Hour” began in 2009 when Breakfast Club students decided it would be fun to partially disrobe in the Oxford campus library to break ”the monotony of a long day’s revision” and “cool down during the hottest periods of the day.”

Not anymore.

Librarians sent an email to the college saying the practice was ‘unacceptable’ and ‘a distraction to other readers’.

In their email to students, the library committee warned: ‘While half-naked half-hour may have seemed like a piece of harmless fun, we ask you please to stop this kind of behaviour in the library.

‘If inappropriate behaviour continues, library staff will refer the matter to the Dean.

‘It is not appropriate for groups of people to organise social or other kinds of events in the library without the permission of the librarian.’

The Breakfast Club members are unhappy, naturally, claiming the ban on nudity in the library “quite literally left our college in a state of chaos.” According to reports, other students–as well as visiting heads of state–are just fine with it.

Link | Image: Nude Reading by Roy Lichtenstein

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June 4th, 2011

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