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New Monkey Species Discovered, Eaten

Early this year, scientist heard of a new and different monkey in the Kachin state of Myanmar. When they arrived at the site, they found the monkey had been “discovered” by the hunters who killed it. It was eaten soon after.

Scientists first learned of “Snubby”—as they nicknamed the species—from hunters in the remote, mountainous Kachin state (map) in early 2010, according to the U.K.-based conservation group Flora & Fauna International (FFI), which announced the discovery Wednesday.

The hunters told the team of R. strykeri’s fleshy lips, upturned nose, and odd respiratory issue: Rain falling into the monkeys’ noses possibly causes the animals to sneeze, so they often spend soggy days with their heads tucked between their knees, the hunters said.

Local hunters told the FFI team that the rainy season was a good time to look for the monkeys because they made more noise during rain. Eventually, more of the snub-nosed monkeys were seen, but they moved so fast no photographs could be taken. Link

(Image credit: Ngwe Lwin)

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October 27th, 2010

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